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Brazil, the second largest soybean producing country in the world, continues to see strong growth in their agricultural sector.  See how farmers are improving their yields in Brazil’s warm climate, where double cropping has become very common.  Travel during the heart of their soybean harvest, when you can expect to see planters following combines, making use of every possible day of the growing season.  Perhaps this year Brazil will surpass the U.S. in soybean production? Walk in fields and inspect crops in various stages of growth including: soybeans, corn, cotton, sunflowers, sugarcane, and more.  Visit large farms, livestock enterprises, processing plants, and equipment dealers in Mato Grosso, the largest and newest farming state in Brazil.  Large enough to house five of our Midwestern states, Mato Grosso produces over 30% of Brazil’s soybeans, and 9% of the world’s soybeans.  Witness lines of trucks that are so long, the drivers often utilize their onboard kitchens to cook dinner while waiting!  See why a third of their commodity prices are associated with transportation costs.  Visit one of the world’s largest soybean farms and discuss input costs, freight logistics, and operations with top managers.  See how managing 150,000+ acres differs from farms producing on 5,000 acres.  Enjoy the scenic beauty of the rain forest on an Amazon River cruise and experience the world’s largest waterfalls – Iguassu Falls.  Up to 275 separate waterfalls combine to make this unforgettable sight!  The most complete agricultural and cultural tour of Brazil you will find!

Dates Available
  • January 19 - 31, 2024 SOLD OUT
  • January 26 - February 7, 2024 SOLD OUT
  • February 16 - 28, 2024 SOLD OUT


Day 1:            Fort Lauderdale, FL / Amazon
Depart Fort Lauderdale International Airport on your overnight flight to Brazil.  Upon our evening arrival into Manaus, we clear customs, passport control, and transfer to the hotel.  In-flight Meal Service

Day 2:            Arrive Manaus - Amazon
After your morning rest and lunch, experience an introduction to local fruit farming.  Travel about an hour outside of the city, and we begin seeing agricultural land. Visit a banana plantation, where they also grow a variety of Brazilian fruits. Learn about farming in the Amazon, and see if they are expanding farmland in the Rainforest. Return to Manaus for dinner. L, D

Day 3:            Amazon
Begin your day with a brief introduction to the city of Manaus.  Stop by a local market where people shop for various cuts of meat, raw fish, and other fruits and vegetables.  While you may not be able to bring a whole fish through customs, you can easily find a handicraft treasure that will pack well. This afternoon enjoy a relaxing cruise on the Negro River and Amazon River, where we see the impressive view of the meeting of the waters.  The Rio Negro, a river with dark, almost black colored water, flows into the giant Amazon’s light or sandy-colored water and together flow side-by-side nearly four miles without mixing. This phenomenon is due to the differences in temperature, speed and water density of the two rivers. The Rio Negro flows at near 1.25 miles per hour at a temperature of 82 degrees, while the Amazon flows between 3.25 miles per hour at a temperature of 72 degrees.  You are sure to enjoy this comfortable and interesting private cruise on these two rivers.  For a truly up-close view, we board smaller boats and navigate through the flooded forest to see the giant lily pads.  Here you can see the watermarks from previous rain seasons.  Can you believe that the water level fluctuates over ten feet each year?  Also, see homes of the locals, built on stilts to protect them from flooding.  B, L, D

Day 4:      Amazon / Cuiaba
This morning we visit Manaus’ world famous Opera House.  From the ornate wood flooring to the rubber pavement to subdue the clamor of horse hooves, this landmark helps paint the picture of opulence experienced in Manaus during the Rubber Boom. After lunch, we travel to the airport and depart to Cuiaba, Mato Grosso’s capital. Overnight in Cuiaba. B, L

Day 5:      Mato Grosso
Travel north into the heart of Brazil’s largest agricultural state, which produces over 30% of the country’s soybeans.  Upon reaching their fertile production land, you will notice the red soil.  This soil, along with the generous sun and the abundant rainfall of this tropical climate, provides the potential to grow high-yield crops. During their growing season, October through April, they receive 80 - 90 inches of rain, while May through August virtually no rain falls.  Each year our Brazil Tour itineraries will include visits similar to those listed below, however the exact locations and chronological order may be adjusted to accommodate the farmers’ schedules.  We stay the next two nights in a very young city that was born from the new development of the one-time cerrado turned soybean land.  Sky-high soybean prices in the 1970’s started the flow of farmers into Mato Grosso. Before that, the flat-to-rolling Savannah had been home to beef producers. Bulldozers cleared trees and brush from the land, large discs followed and lime spreaders poured in to make the acidic soils sweet. Millions of acres have been cleared in this area to make Brazil one of the world’s top soybean producers.  Here we visit John Deere and Case IH Implement Dealerships to compare costs and see the technology available in Brazil. B, D

Day 6:     Mato Grosso
Today we visit one of the largest soybean farms in the world.  Mr. A. Maggi, the former governor of the state of Mato Grosso, has farmland stretching across the country of Brazil. We’ll learn about his huge agricultural enterprise, which includes grain farming, seed production, marketing and barge shipping. Be ready - the numbers are mind-boggling. This visit may help you learn how someone can farm 150,000+ acres of soybeans profitably.  Most of their area crops are trucked west to the Madeira River, where they are loaded on barges owned by Maggi. The barges carry the crops northeast to the Amazon, where they are loaded on larger vessels for international shipment.  We view the crops firsthand and investigate the huge line of farm equipment, much of it manufactured in Brazil. Farmers owning 80 tractors, 40 combines, a dozen cotton pickers, and several spray planes are not unusual. We’ll see large-scale wood-burning grain dryers.  The soybean harvest will be underway, and throughout the tour you’ll have an opportunity to see crops from the early stages all the way to harvest. You will also notice firsthand Brazil’s main obstacles to transportation - see long truck lines at the local elevators. Enjoy dinner at a local restaurant. B, L, D

Day 7:                          Mato Grosso
We visit a medium-sized farm to compare and contrast commercial soybean farming in Brazil. This gives us another opportunity to see what the yield is averaging in the area.  Here you’ll have an opportunity to discuss everything from input costs and crop choices to land prices and farm profitability.  Discuss the various methods involved in their daily operations.  Inspect the crops and see the harvest.   This is the best time of year to see their soybean harvest, and also see them plant second crop corn and cotton. Learn about cotton production and visit a cotton gin. Cotton is harvested in the summer months, but you will find out how a gin functions and discuss the pitfalls to growing this expensive crop.  B, L, D

Day 8:                          Mato Grosso / Cuiaba
Enroute to Cuiaba, we visit a special sugar mill.  This flex factory grows sugarcane to produce sugar and ethanol, depending on the market price.  The refinement procedure begins the same for both products, but midway through, they must decide on the final product.  The dry pulpy residue left after the extraction of juice from sugarcane is called bagasse.  This material is burned to produce the required energy to power the factory.   Often an excess of energy will be generated, which in turn is sold back to the electric company.  Return to Cuiaba for overnight.  B, L, D

Day 9:                        Cuiaba / Foz do Iguassu
Transfer to the airport for our morning flight to Foz do Iguassu, the city made famous by the amazing Iguassu Waterfalls - known as the world’s largest waterfall.  B, D

Day 10:             Bird Park / Iguassu Falls / Macuco
This morning we visit Parque das Aves, one of South America’s largest bird parks.  Housing a great collection of rehabilitated bird species, the park is doing magnificent conservation work. Here you will be able to see and photograph the vibrant tropical birds of Brazil such as macaws, toucans, and parrots.  Following lunch, be ready for an amazing tour of Iguassu Falls. Walk along the boardwalk for an up-close view of the mighty Horseshoe Falls.  An unbelievable experience that is sure to impress you, as it is much greater than a single sight!  See why it was named one of the seven natural wonders of the world!  Just across the river, you will see the banks of Argentina.  Since we are so close to these remarkable water falls, we take a short trip through the rainforest on our way to the Macuco Boat Safari.  See the rainforest and capture a magnificent view as our boat powers through the sea spray below the falls!  B, L

Day 11:             Farm / Iguassu
Today we visit a smaller scale farm, with about 3000 acres of soybeans. See the difference a developed area can make for land prices.  Our farmer is always bashful when speaking of land prices here, because he has made it quite clear that he will NEVER sell!  See for yourself why he loves this land so much!  This afternoon we gather to visit the Triple Frontier, where you can see the confluence of the Iguassu and Parana Rivers, as well as the borders of three countries: Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay. Return to the hotel and freshen up for a wonderful dinner and show that features musicians and dancers from Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina and Mexico.  This is another great opportunity to sample several different cuts of excellent meat freshly grilled on the Brazilian Barbecue.  It can be tough to choose, so just try them all!  But save room for the huge dessert bar!  B, L, D

Day 12:             Itaipu Dam / Depart to USA
Sleep in after last night’s energetic performance.  Late morning we tour the incredible Itaipu Dam, the world’s second largest hydro-electric dam.  Learn how Paraguay and Brazil partnered on this incredible endeavor.  We stop at a large gift shop for any last minute souvenirs before traveling to the airport for our return flight.  B, L, In-flight Meal Service

Day 13:             Arrive Fort Lauderdale, FL
Arrive Fort Lauderdale in the early morning, allowing ample time to meet your connecting flights home.  In-flight Meal Service

What's Included

International Airfare from Fort Lauderdale
International Airline taxes
Brazilian Domestic Airfare
All Transfers
Deluxe Motorcoach throughout
Admissions to all events
Professional English Speaking Guides
Special sights and activities listed
Hotel accommodations
Meals with Beverage as indicated:
B (Breakfast) L (Lunch) D (Dinner)

Special Events and Sights

Amazon & Negro River Cruise
Meeting of the Waters • (Igapo) Flooded Forest
Banana & Papaya Plantation • Manaus Opera House
Brazilian Churrascaria BBQ
3,000 acre farm with soybeans & corn
250,000 acre soybean, corn & cotton farm
Sugarcane Mill • Ethanol Plant
Implement Dealerships & Hardware Store
Agronomist Guide in Mato Grosso
Music & Dance Dinner Show
Jungle Jeep Ride • Boat Ride into the Falls
Itaipu Dam (2nd largest in world)
Iguassu Falls (world’s largest waterfall)
Much More!


Testimonials from 2020 Brazil Tour Participants

“We are SO happy we chose Rupiper Tours to take us on a farm trip to Brazil. It was a trip of a lifetime for us! The brochures, travel book, and information sheets sent prior were very helpful, along with your cheerful staff to answer questions and set up flights for us. The trip was everything we expected and more. The hotels and buses were very comfortable. We appreciate having most of the delicious meals taken care of along with providing water on the bus, making it much easier with foreign currency. We loved seeing the harvest and planting in the same fields at the same time. The farm tours and education, city tours, entertainment, boat rides, bird sanctuary, and dam were a perfect mix. Iguassu Falls was breathtaking and my personal favorite! We met so many wonderful new friends from all over the US and Canada. Everyone got along great and will always be remembered. Brent, you did a great job of staying patient, positive, and polite! Everything was very well organized and turned out as promised! I would definitely recommend and travel with Rupiper Tours again and look forward to another trip soon! (Hopefully South Africa) Thanks for a great time.”
- Bruce & Nelva L. (Minnesota) 

“Our advice: Go, and prepare for a lifetime experience! We thoroughly enjoyed our trip – it was an adventure we’ll never forget. Meeting people from all over the world was most memorable. So fun to see and hear about how others live and work, and their experiences. We look forward to going somewhere with Brent again”
- Wayne & Jane S. (South Dakota) 

“Very interesting – Well organized. The video was a plus. I rate the tour a 5 out of 5.”
- Claude B. (Illinois) 

“Brent was a fantastic guide. He made the trip very enjoyable, and he was very knowledgeable and patient. Tour guides were easy to understand and very knowledgeable. Loved the falls!!!
- Brenda & Walter L. (Missouri) 

“All of our expectations were met and exceeded! We would encourage anyone to take this tour and experience the culture, history, farming practices, and lovely people of Brazil. They would feel safe as you traveled with comfortable accommodations. We feel grateful to have been on this tour. Thank you, Brent, for all your work on the details to make this an amazing, trip-of-a-lifetime experience!”
- John & Sandy F. (South Dakota) 

“We enjoyed it so much. The scenery was beautiful and the different tours were great. We got to know some very nice people. The farm tours were very interesting and a high point in the total tour. The variation in places seen made the tour seem to go by faster than we wanted. Again, Brent did an outstanding job. We would recommend their tour to anyone!”
- Jack & Linda M. (Colorado) 

“Well managed, very good ag based tour. There were no security issues and everything was well planned. We really enjoyed the video very much. It brought back fond memories. Thank You!”
-Rick & Donna T. (Kentucky) 

“We were very impressed with Brent Rupiper. We watched him handle every situation with calmness and efficiency. He was a good balance of allowing us space and yet we felt well guided. We felt the time at stops was perfect.”
- Myrddin & Marilee J. (Alberta) 

“We totally enjoyed our experience through Brazil with you. We experienced such a variety of places throughout the country. Every bus, hotel room, meal, farmer & farms, the boats through the Amazon and people in general were wonderful! Appreciated the book on Brazil and your video – what a keepsake – have shown many friends – WELL DONE – THANK YOU.”
- Gary & Sandra S. (Ontario) 

“Everything was excellent. Wanted to tell people we were 77 years old, and we made it just fine!”
- Harvey & Alice P. (Oklahoma) 

“Very interesting and we saw the real agriculture and the guides were very knowledgeable. We would recommend their tour. We thought Brent did a great job and did a lot for us. We enjoyed the pictures that Brent took for us. Fantastic!”
Marvin & Margaret P. (Iowa) 

“The Best.”
- Jack B. (Kansas) 

“Great job. All good and well balanced. Very interesting.”
- Anonymous 

“Interesting and informative. Good accommodations. Excellent quality in all areas.”
 - Carol & John W. (Indiana)


Testimonials from 2019 Brazil Tour Participants

“Our “Trip to Brazil” DVD arrived in the mail yesterday and we spend this Saturday morning reliving our wonderful trip south of the equator. As with our other Rupiper tours, we felt we really got our money’s worth. Our hotels were all suited to our needs, the food seemed to be South American but not so strange we couldn’t enjoy it, the busses were clean and prompt, and the guides were great. The emphasis on agriculture really spoke to us, and we are anxious to tell our neighbors and friends more about it now that we have these great electronic stories. Thanks again for all you did to make this another great adventure.”
- Yaro & Mary C. (Iowa) 

“The tour manager was very knowledgeable about the area and pulled out fascinating tidbits. Everyone enjoyed his friendliness and style! Staff is excellent. We are highly recommending this tour to others.”
- Melvin & Donna W. (Illinois) 

“We really enjoyed our trip – Larry was great! Loved visiting the farms and the falls. We are looking forward to our next trip with you to Alaska in July!”
- Gerald & Diana S. (Ohio) 

“The trip was one that far exceeded our expectations. Farmers in Brazil are hardworking, resourceful and incredibly hospitable. Everywhere we went we were welcomed, informed, entertained, and well fed. The large scale of everything from farming operations to the dam and especially the Iguassu Waterfalls were just amazing. The guides, directors, and accommodations were top notch. So were our fellow travelers.”
-Gary & Joyce R. (South Dakota) 

“Your years of experience working with the Brazilian people was very apparent through our trip. The agronomist on board was exceptional – he could answer all of our questions!”
- Kay & Marv F. (North Dakota) 

“We enjoyed all that we saw. The staff and guides were great!”
- Anonymous 

“We thoroughly enjoyed it and told everyone how great it was and recommended the trip to everyone. We plan on doing the South Africa tour next year. Loved the video of the trip – there were many better pictures on it than we had taken. All the people on the tour were exceptionally friendly and nice. Brent did a super job!”
-Tom & Marge S. (Ohio) 

“Excellent tour and excellent guides.”
- Bill G. (Ohio) 

“The tour manager was very good. We had a lot of fun with him and would love to travel with him again. We really enjoyed the farms, the dam, and the falls.”
- Melanie & Bob B. (Ohio) 

“Every day and every hour the staff go out of their way to help. All the sites were good, but I really liked the Amazon River and the huge farm. The guides did a wonderful job. They had a good education and great interest in their country and work. “
- Tom B. (Ohio)

 “Brent did an excellent job! He was both friendly and professional and knowledgeable! The bus was always clean and comfortable, and water was provided. The staff was all extremely helpful, especially with our domestic flight fiasco (not your fault!). It all worked out! The show on the last night was great fun!! We loved it so much we encourage any and all who listen to give you a call! We can’t wait for our next trip planned with you this winter!”
- Bob & Sarah C. (Wisconsin) 

“Tour was first class! We were very satisfied with tour manager Brent. Great personality, very knowledgeable. Appreciated the tour booklet to know what was going on each day. Also appreciated the DVD! Showed it to my brother Roger, who had gone on the trip previously.”
- Norma H. (South Dakota) 

“For our first trip to Brazil, this was perfect! Brent’s style is very relaxed, just the way we like it. He deals with people and situations very professionally, you always feel like everything is running smoothly – and it is! The drivers were awesome and so were the guides. Very friendly and knowledgeable. This was our first trip with a “tour” and first time I booked with Rupiper and I believe it was the right choice. We are not really “town” people and like to go out on our own, but without this tour we would not have been able to do all the things and see all that Brent showed us. Well done!”
- John & Elly K. (Manitoba) 

“The agronomist, Ricardo, was so informative and knowledgeable in everything – he was over the top! This tour exceeded my expectations. I did not know very much at all about Brazil and wasn’t sure how everything would be. I’ve learned so much about our South American neighbors, they are friendly and hardworking people. Brent was great, he has so much patience and always has a smile. It was a pleasure traveling with him on our second trip with the company.”
- Bill & Mary W. (Missouri) 

“Excellent trip, thoroughly enjoyed. All the guides were very knowledgeable. Brent did a wonderful job. We loved seeing the soybean harvest and Iguassu water falls.”
- Art & Eileen S. (Ohio) 

“Excellent! Very well planned. Wouldn’t change anything. Super job! We enjoyed all of it.”
- Herb & Ginny N. (Ohio)

Testimonials from 2018 Brazil Tour Participants

“Fantastic in all aspects – Guides, managers, and drivers. We really enjoyed the waterfalls and the diversity of farms and their sizes. I think to experience farming in Brazil it gave us a wonderful look into their experiences.”
- Mark & Candice M. (New York) 

“Excellent! The guides’ knowledge was superb. Great job, keep up the good work!”
- Henry & Anne V. (Alberta)

"We both enjoyed the tour very much. It was very well planned and I would not change anything! We got to experience the culture along with the farms as well as many fascinating sites. The tour manager did a very good job balancing the needs of many different people. He was friendly and helpful particularly at the airports. Thank you very much."
- Dan & Anne A. (Wisconsin)

"We really liked the tour! Tour manager was very friendly. Knowledge was very good. Organization was really good too. Tour guides were really easy to understand! They were very knowledgeable and friendly! We enjoyed all of the visits!"
- Larry & Cheryl K. (Indiana)

"Larry Rupiper did a great job. We wouldn't see a lot of the farm stuff if Larry didn't have those great contacts. The guides and drivers were knowledgeable, friendly and fun. Everyone in the office were so helpful, they think of everything. Another great trip. Our tour group was so friendly and lots of fun. This was our 3rd Rupiper tour and you never disappoint."
- Ron & Miriam E. (Minnesota)

"We enjoyed our tour with Larry and his knowledge of the area. Having been to Brazil before, he knew what to see and how to spend our time at various tourist sites. The organization of the tour was exceptional - since we had to catch various flights and had to keep on schedule. But the schedule was still relaxed. All tour guides were very knowledgeable and gave plenty of information about crops, operations, markets and weather of their areas. They were friendly and willing to answer all of our questions. Great trip! Now we've booked a tour with you for this July!"
- Sherwin & Carol R. (Oklahoma)

"All very good."
- Gary B. (Minnesota)

"This trip was for my husband, but we both loved it. The guides and tour manager were great. A+."
- Milt & Carol H. (Iowa)

Testimonials from 2017 Brazil Tour Participants

“All was good. Larry and I really enjoyed the tour – enjoyed the lunch at the farm as well as the mess hall lunch. It’s always good to see real people!”
- Dianne & Larry F. (Missouri) 

"Our first trip with Rupiper. We were very pleased. Fantastic. Would highly recommend to anyone."
- Bob & Melanie B. (Michigan) 

"Very good, really enjoyed it!  All the guides were very good and knowledgeable.  We enjoyed stopping at the John Deere dealer.  We really enjoyed the video - Great!"
- Bill & Ann B. (Wisconsin) 

"Nothing but great!  Everyone was helpful.  I really enjoyed the Banana Plantation."
- Anonymous (Minnesota) 

"Larry was a great shepherd, and I thought all the guides did outstanding.  My favorite sites were the bean farms, the Amazon, and Iguassu Falls."
- Dean C. (Illinois) 

"The tour manager and guides were all excellent.  I really loved the falls and farms.  Rupiper staff were all very good."
- Ted & Judy R. (New Mexico) 

"Liked the "touch" of the Amazon and area - glad to have went on river and small boat ride. Iguassu Falls is fascinating and needs to stay in the itinerary. Tour guides were all excellent and knew what we wanted to see and hear. I am recommending this trip to friends and acquaintances!!"
- Sandy & Peggy L. (MN)

Testimonials from 2016 Brazil Tour Participants

"Just a note to thank you for a wonderful time in Brazil. It was a great learning experience, or as Lawrence said to our guide, Ricardo, "It was a seminar on wheels." We were surprised and delighted to receive the DVD which we sat down and watched. We thought you captured essence of the trip. It certainly refreshed our memories of the trip and the people we met. Once again thank you for a really great tour."
- Wilma & Lawrence B. (Alberta, Canada)

"We would readily book another memorable tour with Rupiper! We felt it was planned very well. We never felt rushed. The tour company informed us what to expect and we were prepared. There wasn't any part that we didn't enjoy."
- Anonymous (Ohio)

"It was all excellent.  Thank you for the DVD and addresses. Very good memories. The effort and friendliness was very good. I would go again. The company was very good to work with."
- Delores & Linferd F. (Kansas)

"Thought the package put together was excellent. Brent does a very good job. Tour guides were excellent - especially Ricardo - a real jewel for you! I have said many good things to others about my experience & our handling."
- Mark S. (Minnesota)

"Excellent Guide and Tour Manager.  We enjoyed all the sites and have been recommending Rupiper Tours to friends and family when they wish to travel.  Thank you Brent for the GREAT VIDEO!"
- Bill & Karen T. (Alberta, Canada)

"A good tour generally means there is a good tour guide & this was a good tour. The wide variety of sites was great. Everyone in the office was helpful."
- Jerome & Roberta T. (Minnesota)

"Brent did a wonderful job. Everyone we talk to can't believe all we saw and all we did. What a wonderful trip. We were glad we got to visit a market, grocery store, and hardware store. My wife was happy you set up a shopping trip for the ladies while the men went to the equipment dealers. We were not home 1 week and the people at church asked us to talk about the trip. We displayed pictures on a projector and everyone had questions and thought we had a wonderful trip. Could not believe all we saw and did."
- David & Audrey S. (Illinois)

"There wasn't anything that we didn't like. All your staff were very helpful and knowledgeable. We felt the tour manager did an excellent job."
- Bud B. & Lynn P. (Georgia)

"Thought our trip was very enjoyable. Would not change a thing - had a wonderful time. We really enjoyed walking in soybean fields with 18 combines harvesting around us."
- Paul & Carol E. (Florida)

"Every site was interesting and each day exciting! A unique tour in that you actually got to touch hands with the people of the country. We could tell they really held you in great respect, Larry (Rupiper), or we would never have been able to experience their culture and way of life the way we did! We shall try and convince our friends to take this tour. It was outstanding!"
- Arnie & Bonnie J. (Minnesota)

"A thumbs up tour!"
- Bonnie & Harold D. (Illinois)

"Had a wonderful tour and great tour manager & guides. We had a wonderful group of people to travel with. It was a great experience! Thank you."
- Jeanette M. (Minnesota)

"I think the tour was superb in all aspects. Great tour manager and tour guides. We got what we paid for. It was all I had expected. You can only pack 5 pounds in a 5 pound bag. All was great."
- Edward & Sue W. (New Jersey)

"We were well looked after.  Buses were very good with bathroom and drinking water storage. Overall the tour exceeded our expectations, and gave us a good look over a short time of the very large country of Brazil.  Well organized. Our favorite sites were all the farm tours in Mato Grosso and the dam and falls in the south."
- Lawrence & Wilma B. (Alberta, Canada)

"Service was excellent and I appreciated being able to select foods necessary for my celiac diet. All tour guides were very knowledgeable and informed on their areas, which was very interesting. Your expertise made the trip so very much informative and enjoyable. We really enjoyed the Amazon River and Iguassu Falls. Thanks for the video, it is very good."
- Rachel & Kenneth K. (North Dakota)

"We were quite pleased with organization and persons involved with all the tour. Brent is very personable and helpful. The wife and I would travel with Rupiper Tours again!
- Ambrose & Darlene B. (Ontario)

Testimonials from 2015 Brazil Tour Participants

"Thank you so much for the wonderful trip. It was so organized and very informative with plenty of time to enjoy each experience. All your tour guides were knowledgeable, could answer questions and handled American humor well. All of our accommodations were clean and well above just adequate. Everything was tasty and our scales said we ate our share. Larry is ready to go on any trip you and/or your company guide. He has already started giving me ideas as to which on to choose."
- Larry & Ann R. (Kansas)

“So fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel with you.  Your ag knowledge increased our enjoyment of this trip. The experience of our first major trip was very memorable! We did have a great group and it is a beautiful country.”
- Lane & Kathy T. (Iowa)

“An enjoyable and informative tour. Everything was great and everyone did a great job. Thanks for the opportunity to see some of Brazil. Thanks also for the DVD.”
- Barb B. (Ontario, Canada)

“We felt the tour was terrific. Brent was an excellent manager – so friendly with everyone. Everything was so organized. There were no problems at all. Very knowledgeable, just a great person and manager. Went above and beyond! It was a terrific tour, busy, informative, interesting, and a good group of people which always helps. Never had to wait for anyone. Rupiper staff were awesome and always helpful. We would definitely recommend Rupiper Tours to anyone!! Thank you for the great tour Rupiper!!! The DVD was awesome, thanks.”
- Danny & Janice D. (Alberta, Canada)

“Honestly – I would not change the tour.  I liked that the last few days were a slower pace. Your office staff were excellent. The DVD was a nice surprise!”
- Rob J. (Ohio)

“Brent it was a great trip. I would recommend it to anyone. Thanks for everything.”
- Fran B. (Ontario, Canada)

“Love the DVD – Enjoyed the trip and made new friends. It was a trip that will always be remembered as wonderful and educational.”
- Larry & DeVonne B. (Nebraska)

“Everything was above and beyond expectations!! Rupiper Tours and all the tour guides were wonderful – So caring!!  Thank you so much for Everything!!”
- Karen & Bill S. (Illinois)

“Brent was always very helpful when any question arose. Kept us informed of what was going to happen each day. Tour guides were all good – Ricardo stood out for being so knowledgeable about agricultural activities. Was a very enjoyable tour and would recommend it to anyone.”
- Jim & Sue E. (Iowa)

“Excellent – Larry’s comradery with all the guides makes for a very informative and fun trip. He really tries to make everything right and everyone happy! The tour guides were knowledgeable, informative and helpful. Wonderful time – great weather, people and sights!”
- Tom & Peg K. (Wisconsin)

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